Cost Effective Ways To Find Your Wedding Jewelry

The utilization of jewelry dates back to the old age once it was being mostly used by rich people. Thus, it is not transient fashion that will go away after some years. Actually, with the arrival of aesthetic and innovative designs by some famous jewelry designers, people of the whole world are getting ever more addicted to utilizing it.

silver necklace

Designer jewelry has always been an important part of wedding accessories despite different cultures all over the world. It appends a shine to the wedding events and makes them look very special. On the other hand, the utilization of jewelry is not limited to only marriages; some people use it for style. Because of the famous passion towards silver bangles for women, different jewelry brands and jewelry suppliers are regularly increasingly.

silver bangle 1Purchasing jewelry during wedding season can be a costly undertaking. Here are a few important tips that can assist you finding an option to purchasing expensive jewelry.

  • In case you are head over hills with a specific jewelry piece that it is way past your resources, you can think about purchasing similar jewelry piece with less costly materials. For example, cubic zirconia or crystals are nice options to real gemstones. They not just look as exquisite and dazzling as the real gem stones, but even reasonable ones.
  • In case you just wish to look classy, go and buy silver bangles online. A casual viewer cannot tell the difference. It can save you from paying needlessly in jewelry throughout weddings.


  • In case you wish to add pearls without paying extra, you can think about freshwater cultured pearls that are relatively reasonable than any other types of pearls jewelry. On the other hand, you can think about purchasing crystals in pearl shaped.
  • You need to purchase more than a few jewelry pieces, you can forever demand for special discounts. Actually, some online stores give some level of liberty to their shoppers on the jewelry prices. Thus, you can consider about discount while purchasing a huge variety of jewelry pieces.


  • Online jewelry stores give a wonderful collection of reasonably priced jewelry pieces which are available for auction online. You can take benefit of it and purchase yourself some actually wonderful jewelry without spending enough money. In addition, jewelry inventory changes from one time to another time on these online shopping stores. So, if you are not happy with a specific piece, always you can come again to these stores to purchase some beautiful jewelry.
  • Jewelry on rent is one more reasonable option in case you are running out of the money with respects to purchasing jewelry for your marriage. Some people rent different jewelry pieces for wedding receptions and same type of ceremonies.
  • We know that organizing a wedding is costly affair. You should be careful about your wedding jewelry. You must decide your budget in advance and then go for shopping. It can add a lot sloppy value to the marriage. Also, it effectively saves you from spending a lot on purchasing jewelry only for one day.

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All You Need To Know About Indian Silver Jewellery

Although silver has often been considered somewhat inferior to gold in Western jewellery making, other cultures value silver jewellery just as much as they value gold. The Indian tradition of jewellery making is no different than that. Sterling silver jewellery has been an integral part of Indian jewellery making for lots of centuries. Sterling silver has been widely used for the making of beautiful tribal, regional and also bridal jewellery in various regions of India. The benefits of silver also make silver jewellery widely popular both by men and by women throughout India.


Let’s see some of the most typical types of Indian jewellery commonly made out of silver and the key reasons why people prefer silver.

Silver hasn’t only been used for its sheer value or beauty in Indian jewellery-making. The other reasons include :

  • Traditions: for example, the women in Assam prefecture still have the majority of their jewellery made out of silver, particularly wedding rings and anklets which show their married status.
  • Silver has been used for all jewellery which women wear under the waistline, as according to Hindu religion, it brings no luck or blessings for a woman to wear gold jewellery under the waistline. These mainly include anklets and toe rings.

rajsi earrings

  • Toe rings have been traditionally made out of silver, due to the healing benefits of this precious metal. It is no secret that next to their decorative qualities women and men have been wearing toe rings for acupressure purposes too. Wearing of toe rings would give a beneficial pressure to specific pressure points which enable the wearers to get better. It’s been traditionally worn by women to enable a faster conceiving, to regulate menstrual cycles and to keep uterus healthy. Silver toe rings are still worn by men to help their masculinity. The acupressure points are determined by an ancient Indian medical practice called Ayurveda.
  • Silver is famous for being a good conductor and also according to Ayurvedic practices it helps to rejuvenate the body by absorbing the positive polar energies.
  • Silver is also worn by the men of Muslim regions of India, as Muslim men are not permitted to wear gold according to the Quran.
  • Silver jewellery has also been used by women of diverse tribes to signify their tribal belonging.

gold plated jewellery

These days silver has been widely used for the creations of beautiful fashion and statement jewellery, huge necklaces, large Kadas (bangles) earrings. A huge advantage of this precious metal is that it’s the shiniest of all, it gives a definite exotic edge to the jewellery and last but not least silver pieces of jewellery look fantastic with coloured gemstones.

According to the latest jewellery trends, jewellery stores also feature antique, vintage or oxidized silver jewellery which would emphasize the embellishments and decorations by making the piece of jewellery look older than it is in reality. Pay attention never to fall for oxidized jewellery being sold as antique or vintage.

The silver tribal jewellery looks especially exotic and it is widely used by international fashion designers to give a very special look to their creations on the runway. You can now buy silver Indian jewellery online from numerous resources. Plenty of online Indian jewellery stores sell authentic tribal and regional silver jewellery which are a must—buy for all those who are into unique-looking beautiful silver jewellery.

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Buy Jewellery Online From a Unique Collection

If you are searching a great variety of unique jewellery, the web world is the best place. When you shop Indian jewellery online, you are confirming to find rare jewellery items that would not break the saving and give the customer a unique chance to source jewellery which is just somewhat different.

silver necklace

1. Savings Galore
For those people that are living in small villages and towns, far from the chaos of a big city, it can be tough trying to search a boutique selection of things which fulfil your shopping requirements. There are many people that go online to check what they can find and usually they are agreeably surprised. The major benefit of purchasing unique Indian jewellery online is that there are great savings to be had. Those days are gone of searching just one local jewellery shop which stocked what you were searching. When you shop jewellery online you do not need to leave your comfort to buy the most exclusive, latest designer pieces of jewellery.

2. Beats The Shops
It is all about being special with designer jewellery; no-one desires to look similar as someone else and it can normally want endless searching to search somewhat as personal as you want. Though, if you look for and purchase jewellery online, you can confirm about a huge selection of items that the shops just cannot battle with. Whether it is unique gemstones or curious designs that you are searching, there is a portal for jewellery for every shopper at the mouse click.

3. Start Your Own Trend
Special designer jewellery has a mounting fan base that is growing by the day. Thanks, partially, to the some celebrities using lustrous magazines with their remarkable collections of jewellery on display, some fashion conscious consumers have make a decision to follow the famous person trend and search their own head-turning jewellery products. From bold and big to sweet and subtle, there are many different styles of jewellery to match different people. Searching at special jewellery normally indicates exploring different colour variations available and it is something which can make your jewellery actually noticeable. Even though traditional colours are still famous, there are many people that looking to purchase jewellery online that features coloured gemstones providing something unique.

4. The Factor of Comfort
You can see that people have different reasons for purchasing their jewellery from online shops, but the essential premise is the factor of shop ability. There is a relaxed sense of simplicity when online shopping and there is no requirement to head down to the stores searching for somewhere that can, or cannot, have accurately what you had in your mind. Special jewellery is quite tough to find, so it is even more acceptable when jewellery shop online has accurately what you are searching. Whether it is for a gift or for your own pleasure, special jewellery is on fashion and in requirement. Plus, you do not get the ‘tough sell’ as you will do in a store. You can purchase jewellery online and purchase with simplicity from a broader selection but without the stress.

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How to identify and value silver jewellery

There are several types of silver and some of these are not in fact real silver. Let’s chose you the best ways to help you identify silver and to spot all those which are not in fact real silver at all. This is especially important, especially if you plan to buy silver rings online along side other pieces of jewellery.

silver necklace

Check for the hallmarks
The current clearest and most valuable silver is called Sterling silver. All those jewellery which is made out of real Sterling silver has a purity of 92.5 %. The key reason why silver cannot be used in 100% purity is because silver, just like pure gold is way too soft to be used for the making of durable pieces of jewellery. The most commonly used hallmarks for these purest forms of silver include Sterling, Sterling 925 or Silver. It’s important to note that the 925 is the standard purity for Sterling. Anything under this range cannot be called Sterling silver and means less in value too.

About fake silvers
There are a couple of names which are used for silver which are not in real silver only look similar to it. Some of the most popular of these include the so-called German silver, Nickel silver and alpaca. What are these and how you can spot the difference? These words are often referencing antique silver jewellery pieces which unfortunately do not contain silver but some misinformed antique dealers may mark them silver regardless. German silver references a silver-like white coloured alloy which comprises of the mix of nickel, copper and zinc. This does not contain silver at all, therefore its value is much less. Alpaca or alpacca is an alloy that’s very similar to nickel or German silver. These alloys were all used as cheap substitutes for silver back in the 1800s.

Alpaca and nickel often comes silver plated which may be quite confusing for those looking for real silver jewellery. This is why it’s so important to take any antique jewellery or the items you buy as antique jewellery to an appraiser.

800 or 900 hallmarks signify cheap silver

800, 850 or 900 can reference the silver’s actual purity which is below the Sterling standard. The 900 hallmark often refers to the so-called coin silver which is much less than Sterling in value. Those jewellery hallmarked with 800 is often called European Silver, but do not fall victim to the name: its real value is way less than that of Sterling silver.

Make difference between real antique and antique style
Many dealers smartly use these terms interchangeably but antique style is not real antique, its only a copy of an antique style jewellery. Therefore do not pay more for this sort of jewellery.

Britannia silver is the most expensive silver

This rare form of silver that has in fact a 96% purity is the most valuable form of silver used for the making of jewellery. You can recognize it from its 950 hallmark.

Gold plated silver is the best choice if you are looking for gold plated jewellery because gold plated nickel can cause allergic reactions for most people. Check out high quality silver jewellery online.

The key types of necklaces -and the pendants to wear with them

Let’s introduce you to the world of fine jewellery, where everything has a category, an etiquette to wear and a definite style to go with. In this chapter we would like to introduce you to the world of necklaces and the key types we can differentiate- according to length which also define the time and style of their wearing. Let’s highlight the fact that not all necklaces fit for a pendant, but there are some definite types which do. Let’s get started

silver necklace

Collar necklacesAs their name says this sort of a necklace is just above the collarbones and its length is similar to a totally closed collared shirt or dress. Surprisingly, they are the current shortest necklaces per their length. They shouldn’t be confused with the choker style necklaces which are right on the neck. They can be made out of any material and their shape can be hard and defined like a ring or lighter like a chained necklace. These are especially popular to wear with a larger, more defining pendant that can be a stone or a cameo most popularly. Collar necklaces can be worn with longer necklaces. Buy silver pendants which are ideal for silver, leather, white gold, silver or dark shaded collar necklaces.

Choker necklaces : Chokers as their name says are directly on the neck. Choker necklaces have also become incredibly trendy because they could be used to hide scars and the signs of ageing which as us ladies all know mostly shows on our necks. There are all sorts of choker necklaces from stiff to light shape. They can be multi-layered, featuring beads of pearls or other gemstones or single layered too. It is often, that the middle of the choker features a single stone pendant. Chokers are often worn multi-layered with longer style necklaces and pendants are welcome to be included.

silver necklace

Princess necklacesThis is the classic style of necklace we can get to see in the movies featuring rich balls and also in those which feature the robbing of jewellery stores. Indeed this style of necklace is by far the most expensive as it incorporates a rich choice of glossy gemstones, often diamonds into one large necklace. This style does not need a pendant because it already has it all in one. These are generally 18 inch long which makes them beautifully decorate the chest area when worn with a ball gown.

silver pendant

Matinee : This is the classic longer necklace which looks great when worn multi-layered with other necklaces, in fact various types come in double, featuring a shorter and a longer version of the same. Being around 20-22 inches in length, matinee necklace style goes perfectly with shirts and closed tops. With their end being around the centre of the bust area, these look perfect with a stylish, trendy pendant. Most often these come with pendants already incorporated. Check out and buy silver pendants which go perfectly with matinee necklaces online.

Opera : The longest type of necklace, these look the best with large or extra large cleavage 30ies style dresses which have a light fall. Often multi-layered by default, these necklaces mostly come with beads already incorporated.
Check out all these lovely necklace styles and buy a matching pendant for the one you like the most.

Most Prominent styles of Earrings!

Hereby we would like to represent you with some of the most prominent types of earrings, which are featured specifically in antique and vintage jewellery.

Beautiful Jhumka Made By Artisans From Remote Parts Of Rajasthan

Earrings can come separately but back in the days, they were generally part of a jewellery set and they were worn with the fitting necklace and even bracelets and rings which were all part of the same set. Today, however there is no such limitation and earrings can be worn as statement pieces or just as a laid back type of jewellery which is barely there. The fact that one has to actually have a hole in their ears in order to wear earring has kept many women from wearing earrings. Another typical trouble is, that ears are extremely sensitive therefore they cannot handle much of weight and thanks to the rich number of veins, they are particularly prone to allergic reactions, which show up fast and can take weeks to disappear. That’s why fashion jewellery earrings are not so much worn by most women. The two most popular precious metals used for the making of earrings include gold and silver. Silver is a specifically good choice because it’s even more hypo-allergenic than gold. This means most people who display allergic reactions to other metals can wear silver without any trouble. Check out all the various sorts of beautiful silver earrings online at certified jewellery stores.


Let’s see some of the most prominent styles of earrings :

1. The button: Button earrings were especially popular back in the day. Not only can they be easily used to feature complicated marvellous designs but they can also be used for the creation and wearing of the so-called clips, which are those types of earrings, which can be worn without having a hole in the ears. The materials used vary from time to time. In the sixties and seventies Bakelite button earrings were particularly popular.

2. The chandelier: If you are looking for one statement piece of jewellery, then the chandelier is your style. Widely worn for special events especially these styles literally look like miniature chandeliers, featuring gemstones and crystals hanging from it. The secret of this style is in its beautiful shimmer. They have specific subtypes from the cascade to the layered ones.

3. Drop: These are the type of laid back earrings which can be worn throughout the day as well as for special events. They feature a smaller stone hanging from it. The shape of stone can be anything from circular to square shape but drop shape is the most prominent.

4. Studs: featuring one single stone in a laid back way, studs can cost plenty of money as their primary stone is diamond or first class crystal to this day.

5. Girandole: As per its characteristics, this style needs to feature three stones hanging at their end. There whole earring is generally held together by a larger gemstone of the same sort. This was widely used to present beautiful coloured gemstones.

6. Hula earrings: These circular earrings are extremely popular these days and they are available in all sorts of shapes, styles and width. Silver hula earrings are extremely popular.

7. Ethnic earrings: These are those robust earrings which feature tribal, Arabic, Indian and North African motives and are quite popular in fashion jewellery.

No matter which style grabs your imagination we definitely suggest you to check out the beauty of silver earrings online. Not only they are cheap, but they look beautiful and high quality silver is a precious metal that also comes with a value.

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Know About The Gold-Plated Silver Jewelry

Jewelry has always preferred by Indian woman and when it comes to buy gold Jewelry, women are ready to invest in it any-time. But, there are times when it becomes impossible to afford the costly shine. This is because gold-plated jewellery has arrived into the marketplace. Gold-plated jewellery pieces contains plating a thin-layer or any kind of metal over other metal or alloy in place of making use of a totally strong portion of pure metal. Although not compromising with the glamour or shine, it is also available with the price benefit.


Rather, the most usual kind of electroplating is gold plating over alloys or silver and the procedure is done by a course called as electrolysis. But, gold can also be electroplated over copper alloy and many other metals. The arrival of gold-plated neck-pieces and gold plated silver bangles has hereafter made embellishment possible at an extremely reasonable rate as compared to the costly strong ones.

The dream of plated Jewelries

Have you ever heard about the white gold? For creating a white gold, an alloy of any sort of white metal and yellow gold, usually palladium is employed for electroplating. But, for adding the shine of white on its surface, the finished item is covered or painted with rhodium for providing the look of white, which can be ignored too.

An Introduction of Oxidised Jewelry

It’s easy to notice why oxidized jewelry is gaining too much of fame. It does not just have an exceptional appearance however it’s a lucrative and versatile rather than pure metals such as silver and gold. Oxidized metal are available in numerous patterns with delicate carving and stone work. These items have a conventional appeal and an old-world charm. Oxidization generates a shadow and light effect in silver oxidised jewellery while making the colourful gems on them show up. Oxidized metal provides a unique and fresh look in the industry of silver and gold jewelry.

gold plated jewellery


Cobalt chrome and titanium also are bio-compatible, and that’s why they’ve been employed on medical equipments and inserts for several years. For users having sensitive skin or who have allergies to nickel, contemporary metals like Titanium open the new door in the world of unique jewelry. Alloys that are based on tin are also employed for creating white metal, where every shop or casting foundry has its own.

Innovations and Accessorizing

The fashion of making use of engraved designs or oxidized texts on bangles, charm bracelets or pendants made of silver or gold has caught on. The customized pendant could be engraved in Pink Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Sterling silver, and Rose Gold. Oxidized crockery in various sizes for serving or interior décor makes a style statement and they are great pick amongst corporate gifting. Other innovations in oxidized designs are pendants engraved in animal shapes or designs, religious icons, watch bracelets, jewelry for astrology together with particular gemstones plus gold-plated bangle bracelets. Festive occasions see a burst in the requirement for oxidized jewelry. Well, these being less costly and accessible in a huge range, are liked by females who flaunt their outfit throughout such events.

Silver Jewelry – Affordable and stylish jewelry!

There is no doubt that silver is known to be a wonderful jewelry which is not only affordable but at the same time it looks to be stylish and chic. Sterling silver jewelry has become the popular and well renowned jewelry among women those are quite conscious about their fashion and style statement. Let us now check out some points which make silver jewelry to be a great option for people who want to walk along with the fashion trends and also who does not want to breach their pocket limits.

necklacwe 1

You can have numerous options for Silver jewelry!

As silver is known to be a comparatively soft metal, so it is quite easy for the jewellers to mold this silver and to experiment with — this means that there are regularly new and latest designs up for the offer.

The extensive range of the designs and styles in silver bangles for women means that you are sure to look for the piece which perfectly fits with your personal style. If you are searching for the ring, brooch, pendant or bracelet, so there are numerous options available.

Also, loyalists of sterling silver are not ever limited to similar variations on the old concepts. So Innovation is regular. Moreover, there is always a fresh piece of sterling that could spruce up the entire collection!

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You may create a collection of new jewelry quickly!

The diverse variety of various sterling silver options which are available makes this quite simple to create or even to upgrade the collection of jewelry. Possibly, you wish to create the look around one of the much expensive pieces of statement. No doubt that Sterling silver complements every metal, so you never need to worry for anything clashing.

pendant (2)

Similarly, when you are also looking for the unique and high-end pieces, sterling silver must be on the list. Designers also use it for casting much creative designs every time.

The great perks related to sterling silver are mainly that this is not popular with the customers only — it’s even much famous with the designers. However, People are also much thrilled to buy latest styles which are created by the designers, and the designers are also delighted to keep creating astonishing things. Certainly, Sterling silver jewelry is basically won for the parties.

Silver is incredibly versatility

Silver jewelry is suitable irrespective of the kind of occasion it may be. You might also be able to wear similar piece for both the occasions!  Are you wondering that why? Silver definitely adds a classy and wonderful touch to every look.

Silver is extendedly versatility and it extends to how it appears when combined with other metals.

Might be you wish to add the sterling silver to the wonderful jewelry collection which already has many white gold and even the platinum pieces. You do not need to worry that the new jewelry does not match with the outfits like old collection did.

Actually, you may also wear the sterling silver jewelry through the white gold or even the platinum piece and yet create the look which is also put together. However, colors are also close that you won’t even look like that you are mixing up the jewelry.

Latest trend in Silver Jewelry

Now days because of the demure, delicate jewelry are also long behind. Big, bold as well as daring is yet the way to move with specific pieces. Other pieces generally are also being scaled down to get a perfect and refined looks. With cost of the gold at the record highs, silver anklets online allows with the rock is today’s hottest kind of fashion devoid of breaking the budget.


Customers have been very cautious for spending much on the material things which is outside of bare necessities. On the other hand, they yet have a desire to display or to treat themselves once in every while. When you don’t have the money to purchase whole new closet’s which is really worth of the clothes for the spring, some new pieces of the silver jewelry can really wake up the wardrobe for some fraction of cost. You can explore some of the website and plan to buy silver anklets.

The season and the trends are also moving far away from a big statement of necklace and which is also moving toward wearing of multiple set of necklaces having diverse sizes, widths as well as the links to create the complete personalized looks. Moreover, buying various sterling silver necklaces also is far much practical as compared to putting down for the multiple necklaces of gold. This could also set you quite back financially. However, Mixing metals is also other option. By putting the silver, gold and bronze all together you may also be at forefront of the style and fashion.


If you actually buried with the chandelier earrings in bottom of the jewelry box, you need to break them once again. They are also back in some great way. Also, when you missed this kind of the trend for first time all around, treat to the pair of flowing the silver earrings for the feminine as well as the stylish look. Bust those kind of the giant hoop earrings, as well. While it also comes to earrings the season, bigger is always better.

This is even a time to get some kind of the creative with the gemstones. This is not only about diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Expand the entire collection with the most uncommon although the stunning stones. Look for the things such as garnet, quartz, tourmaline which all come in the rainbow of the colors and appear to be beautiful set in the silver. Pearls are even seen at every place. Classic as well as much elegant, pearls are not just lily white. Natural pearls usually come in different colors from the exotic Tahitian pearls and luxurious South Sea pearls.

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As the bracelets, they also load up on the bangles as well as also cuffs of various textures as well as patterns for the fun and the stacked look. You may also put the silver cuffs as well as the bangles with the much trendy look of the African-inspired bracelets with pieces having different metals as well.

With the silver jewelry, you may also afford the style and own something which is much precious and they will last for long time.

Why Silver Jewelry with Gemstones is a Great Combination?

5 (2)

What excellent way to boost the worth and beauty of your already graceful silver jewelry than to purchase a set that is overstated with your preferred gemstone? Well, for sure there are not many things coming on the top. In case you are one who has been saving up their cash for purchasing a necklace or ring topped with beautiful gemstones then silver jewelry attached with an excellent gemstone will make a perfect combination. It is just because silver has the royal look of costly platinum but costs much reasonable. One more reason to spend on a silver ring or silver necklace online in fusion with a good-looking gemstone of your preference is that you need spend all your well-deserved to purchase the best possible gemstone. In case you were sheathing your expensive gemstone in a gold shell or platinum, the price of getting the necklace or ring will be much higher! You can come with having just a small amount to spend on purchasing the special gemstone.

silver necklace

Silver is very flexible!

Beautiful gemstones and silver jewelry is a dream of bride come true as you the bridegroom, can get your love a striking silver and diamond blend jewelry set. Still it is sufficient to spend on your wedding without taking tension about expenses! Not just beautiful necklaces, you can also get studs, earrings, silver anklets, lockets, rings and a lot more in this mixture. It is just everlasting with the huge variety of silver items available on offer. And do not overlook to check out the antique silver jewelry that seems sparkling and makes even a young one look elegant and classy because of the natural style it looks to ooze off the user. Top jeweler is surely an unseen part of present’s women choice of jewelry and they deserve a lot larger market share for its obscure designs and worth for money you get. In addition, wearing a good looking and antique jewelry set will go flawlessly with any type of clothing as long as it is not very heavy and chunky set. Confirm to select best silver jewelry which is not too weighty as this can be a cause for apprehension for you.


Set Your Budget

Though, if you are a man you can use beautiful silver chains with tiny sparkling diamonds on them. These can be fake or original as per on the amount you are eager to spend on them. Definitely, the famous way of gifting silver with gemstones is to encase an exceptional ruby, diamond or emerald. The selection of the beautiful gemstone is completely up to you and your resources. You must even remember that a diamond is the costlier stone as per on its quality and weight. In case your budget is somewhat less and still you want to affix a good looking gemstone onto your silver necklace or ring, then you have a huge variety of gems such as amethyst, amber, pearl that are categorized as semi-precious stones, even though pearl is somewhat costly too.