Silver has become an exceedingly popular type of adornment among women. Most of the people like to buy silver for its class and excellence. Silver costs less than gold and found in variety of things. Silver necklace and silver bangles are the most popular adornments among all the silver jewelries.

Threaded ball pendant necklace

Silver necklace can be found in a variety of necklace lengths, loops sizes and looks and types. When you buy a silver necklace then bear in mind how you would like to wear the jewelry and with what clothes. Considering the silver bangles, they transform from a traditional and elegant treasure pieces to  more modern and captivating charms.

Buying jewelry online is a good alternative and a smart approach to try on a variety of necklaces and bangles. While buying a silver necklace look for the chain and measure its classic length. If you want an advanced design in necklace then select gems or decorative pendants which hold a good concept of baseline colors. Finally make the preference that would suit your current wardrobe.

Silver bangles look good but they need a little care. Just like silver ring, the bangle can lose its charm if you just leave it off to dust. It should be stored properly to make it last in your possession forever. Silver bangles should be prevented from tarnishing. You should also avoid to wear them before you spray perfume on your wrist.  In addition, you should not wear suntan lotion or cream after you have worn your bangle. Wipe of the dust of silver bangles from time to time. Always use soft and dry piece of cloth for cleaning purpose. Try to avoid keeping the silver bangles when they are wet otherwise their color will change from silver to gold.

Temple Lakshmi ji Bangle

It is important to store silver bangles inside a separate plastic bag. You should separate them from your other jewellery. Caring of your silver bangle will translate to a longer life for this piece of charm. You can proudly wear it to any occasion and match to any type of clothing. Silver has now turned into a more fashionable and long lasting treasure piece.


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