Silver jewelry is suitable for casual or formal purposes. It gives lots of scope for creativity among designers. This metal is preferred by the jewelry designer. It is easily malleable and forms good design for the jewelry. It is famous for being meshed with beads, precious and semi precious gemstones, crystals and more. It creates jewelry that looks elegant and unique. A designer can explore their creativity and give better variety.skb1003s_1_2

The sterling silver is made up of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5 % some other metal like copper. It does not get tarnish or does not get black like pure silver. There are various designs in silver bracelet, necklace and anklets which are being explored by the jewelry designer.

A silver bracelet for women embedded with stones or crystal is the best choice for the formal and casual purposes. The versatility in silver jewelry makes it suitable to match it with any dress. A delicate silver bracelet with stone is perfect for the corporate wear. A bracelet with heavy stone and intricate design is fit for the parties and functions. Silver bangles are the best choice to be worn with the traditional Indian dresses like sarees.

The reason why silver jewelry is so popular is because of its versatility and affordability. The designs and styles of silver jewelry are plenty and can be worn on any occasion. It is more stylish than any other metal. The online jewelry shops in India feature a lot for the silver necklaces. You can buy silver necklace online with different lengths with appropriate pendant sizes.necklesh11

Wearing cotton Salwar at a birthday party with a matching silver necklace with crystal pendant and earring will give you a gorgeous look. You can get discounts on weekend and valentine’s day. You will get the silver accessories in the latest style and fashion at affordable prices.

Now a day, sterling silver anklets are very much in fashion. It can be worn for any special occasion or as a casual wear. It has been made more contemporary using pearls, glass, gemstones, beads and a lot more.


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