Now a day silver earrings are becoming a great fashion statement. It is a popular choice amongst most of the women due to easy blending with their clothing accessories. The history reveals that silver earrings are related to the people who have high class and taste. But nowadays, every single woman (or man) can use this unique jewelry. Silver earrings are great accessories. Certainly, there are no such women that do not have at least a single pair of silver earrings as a part of their accessory. There is a huge variety of Sterling silver earrings present now a day, for example, this are rated hallmark 925 that means it is 92.5% silver (highest grade). The other rated is coin silver that is hallmarked 900 that means it is 90% silver. There is other silver which has lower ratings but one you do not want to purchase is plated silver earrings (easily blemishes).

There are other different methods to determine the quality of silver earrings that brings us to the secondary point. Search a trustworthy jeweler or shop to buy earrings. If the jeweler is willing to show and explain all the terminology then it is the sign of trustworthiness. As well the jeweler or shop gives the guarantee of money- back is a good option.

The other method is to check the marks present on the silver earrings. Marks mention to the hallmarks like 925, 800, 900 etc. A trustworthy jeweler explains about silver earrings. The method of checking is to lift fingerprints by using the cigarette lighter to dust the marked surface and after then lift it with paper, if the marks display clearly then it will possibly real. While buying silver earrings online gives you some advantage like they shows all the specification of the silver and one do not need to worry about the checking of purity.


The cost of silver earrings

• The cost of silver earrings is directly related with the quality of it and also on several factors which are examined below

• The price also depends on the variety of silver used to make an earring, which means silver must have the good color and clarity. As there are various classes of hallmarks and the price is also determined by which class is used to make earrings.

• Cost is also determined by the weight of the silver. The weightier pair definitely cost more than the lighter pair.

• On buy silver earrings online will give you the benefit of cost by giving the discount.

• Earrings are also decorated by some gemstones like rubies, sapphire, and emerald. The price of the gemstone used to decorate silver earrings will definitely affect the total cost of it.

• Another factor is the details and design of the earrings. The complicatedly designed pair is high in the cost than the simply designed pair.

• The cost of silver earrings is also depended upon the market factors. It is left to the retailers or middlemen in their personal expenses, which determine the final cost.


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