Silver is the most affordable and precious metal and it needs to be taken care of. Many of us just forget to take care and then complain about the metal. Silver begins to tarnish which means that it loses its shine and lusture if it is not cleaned from time to time. After coming in contact with air it gets oxidised and hence becomes blackish. Mostly silver bangles look very unimpressive when they are tarnished because they are in the hands and are always visible. Cleaning up of your silver jewellery is an integral task and there are certain ways in which they should be cleaned. Many people are unaware of the accurate process.

Cleaning your antique silver jewellery can be tricky but it needs to be cleaned and you can clean them at home without spending money or going to any silversmith. Generally if you wear your jewellery daily then there are less chances of getting tarnished but if you wear them occasionally then after removing them wash them in warm water. A little bit of detergent can be added to regain the shine. Keep in mind that while washing your jewellery you should wash them separately and never wear rubber gloves because rubber corrodes silver and often leads to permanent damage.


After washing them you need to buff them. Use a soft cotton cloth to buff the silver jewellery and then use a soft towel to dry the pieces and make them ready to be worn next time.

If your silver jewellery is already tarnished then you need to polish it regularly. You need to check out what all products to be used for the regular cleaning. You should also pay attention to the way you are cleaning the jewellery because harsh cleaning can harm them more than polishing them.

Just your little attention and care will help you let your silver jewellery to shine always and also help to add more and more beauty to your personality.


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