Fine silver should be used for wire wrapping which is fused in glass and fired in silver clay. When it comes to handmade jewelry, it is imperative to use quality wire. Silver jewelry needs wire wrapping with very smooth hands. Mostly tweezers are used to hand the wire and jewelry with easy grip.

Choosing right silver wire for wrapping

  • Silver jewelry sometimes contain lots of stones, bead etc. which have to be wrapped. Thus a typical jewelry piece should use gauge of wire with 16-20 bracket.
  • Lastly it has to be the strength of the wire that matters, one has to choose among the dead soft, half hard and full hard wire to different metal. Depending on the clasping power of the accessory included, it is viable to choose the right one and you can buy silver anklets kinds of jewelry.


The wire wrapping of silver jewelry has to be done with the length of the jewelry and its dimension. Also the look depends to a great extent, depending on the wires the entire fancy look can be ruined or created beautifully.

Always follow the design and designer or your jewelry to choose the right one for the variety of materials you use to enhance the beauty of the piece you cast.

Silver is perfectly referred to the Queen of various Metals and all through the history it has been extensively used for the purpose of jewellery for women. Silver bangles for women are always considered as the most suitable gift to honour the significant event in the life of woman or to just say that how much you care.


Silver gifts for females basically may include the artful objects which are used for your home, that are related to your hobby or to your career or otherwise it is just simple and fun indulgences. The novelty items like the make-up brush, the silver bracelet and the purse mirror will make certainly great gift. Different ideas would mainly include the engraved pillbox which is in the heart shape to tuck in the purse and the dangle from the silver chain, or the sterling egg timer which is meant for chef who has each and different kitchen gadget. Moreover, certainly there is the striking and most appealing design of silver jewelry. Also, white-metal appears continues to get more famous as well as there are different silver designs from where you can choose. Irrespective of the style of every woman, there are different silver products and accessories that would meet their taste of fashion.

Over the years this metal has become famous and has come with broader aspects under it. It has been very rare when one detests the silver. The silver may certainly be ensemble with other metals like gold or platinum to give it a richer look. It has been significance of beauty and women tend to not lose this fact even now.

The queen of metals has easily been malleable in a cast which can be used in versatile nature to help someone wear it on hand or in neck. Silver jewelry has been popular ad will continue to be.


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