The craze for vintage jewelry is ever going and the best way to buy the best vintage pieces is by judging its quality and condition. The value of most of the vintage pieces is quite exclusive just like its appearance. Always look for those Antique silver jewellery pieces which look antique but do not contain any kind of cracks or holes as they cannot be restored for a longer time.

Another important thing to check is its fastening. Look if it works effectively and avoid buying those pieces which contains soldering as this is an obvious indication of their repairing at some point of time.

Don’t go for really expensive Silver jewellery online as their originality is always doubtful.



Try to explore specialist jewelry fairs and other retro fashion market if you have a passion for antiques. You have more chances to get unique and exclusive designs there. Also, look for the traditional artists who have amazing designs and there are high chances that you will get the jewelry at a much cheaper price.


The main purpose behind wearing any jewelry piece is to look beautiful. And especially if you want antiques, then make sure they look like one. Try to recognize the judging points which are important to separate the real one from the fake. You may take a little time to master this area, but once you will acquire enough knowledge, you will definitely be proud on buying those real pieces.


Wear the jewelry according to the occasion. Try to step in the shoes of the viewer and select those pieces which suits your personality the best. Again, remember that jewelry should enhance your beauty not suppress it.


Jewelry and especially antiques should be stored well to maintain their appearance and life. Try to store each piece separately and not together as they may lose their shine on rubbing against each other.

Jewelry that contains precious gemstone should be stored separately so that the stones will remain safe from chipping off.

Try to store your jewelry such as they do not get exposed to chlorinated water, sunscreen or too much heat. Temperature change may lead to the breakdown or cracking of your precious and delicate jewelry pieces hence wrap them in soft cloth or cotton.

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