When you summon up the courage and decide to propose to your loved one, you now know it is time to get the ring. Although you can do it with any kind of ring, you want this one to be special. You want a special ring that you will be proud to offer to your girl. It can even help you with some of the terror you feel inside about making the proposal.

However before buying the ring there are a couple of things you need to know. These are the things that will guide you in getting the right long silver earrings.

Know what she likes

After being with your girls for all this while, you should have an idea about the kind of things she likes. Just from the way she dresses and the kind of things she buys, you can get an idea of the kind of ring she will love. For example, if you know she loves buying designers, then you can be sure she will be expecting an expensive ring for her engagement.

How do you know her size?

You can decide to go on a guessing game and get a ring that you think would fit. There is no problem with this as you can have an arrangement with the jeweler who will be all to ready to resize the ring. On the other hand, if she already wears rings, you can discretely take one of her rings to the jeweler. Remember to bring it back if you don’t want your little secret busted before time.

While getting here the right ring that will put a smile on her face is important, you also have to be thinking about where to make the ring. There are many jewelers around that will be willing to take on this job. You have to start searching for the right jeweler early so that you get the right ring when you want. This is important is you are having the ring custom made. If however, you will be buying one of the shelf, all you may need to do is to walk into a shop with a ring size or that her ring that you stole and ask to be given a ring in that size.

When getting the ring and silver bracelet for women, you will hope against all odds that the lady in question will like what you chose. However, you may not know as she may be courageous enough to voice it or if she is really one of those prima donnas, only the look on your face should be telling enough. That said remember that you can always go back to your jeweler to resize a ring or get another one. However, you should have been given a guarantee at the time of buying to take advantage of this offer. There are so many offers available online, but you have to do some search. So go online get benefits from this attractive offer.

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