One of your friends is about to put to birth. You have decided to organize a baby shower for how. Even with your busy schedule, you are putting all hands on deck to ensure you organize the event is successful. To help you have a successful event we have put together a number of tips.

Start planning early

The key to any successful event is to start planning early. While you may have an idea about how you want the day to look like, it is better to put your ideas on paper. You will find that the ideas will keep changing until you settle for a particular concept. When you write the ideas down, it will be hard to forget. This is good as you can always go back to old ideas and think them over. You can even come with ideas for baby gift baskets and propose to your friends. To make your gift basket special you can add oxidised silver jewellery items, it will give a unique effect to your gift.

Decide on the venue

 You will have to choose a venue for the baby shower. Most times the baby shower will be held in the pregnant mother’s home. Nevertheless, it can be arranged at another venue. You would have to seek the consent of the pregnant woman before doing this.

Inform other friends

 When you are sure of the venue, you can now inform your circle of friends. Together you people can choose a date that will be comfortable for everyone that you expect to attend. When you are sure of a date that suits the majority of people, send official invites. Don’t assume they know. Make sure to send invites early enough to ensure that friends will have time to attend. Depending on how formal or informal you want to be, invitations can be sent as emails or as paper invites.

Plan Games

 It would really be a boring event if your friends were to come to baby shower only to hand over gifts. You should think of ways of making the event fun. Plan activities that will get everyone involved. It is a big day for mom so, after games you can give gold plated silver as a gift to kid’s mother. She will feel really special and happy.

Arrange for food and drinks

 There is definitely going to be some merry making and that means laughing around food and drink. Plan to get the food and drinks for the day. You could even ask friends to come along with their favorite food and drink.

Most times, baby showers are for the mum to be alone. As the times are changing, there are increasingly baby showers for both parents; you will have to decide early enough what kind of baby shower you want to throw. This may also necessitate getting the opinions of other friends who will be in attendance. Don’t forget to ask the mum to be if they think their husband or partner will be happy with the idea.

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