Our clothing is most important parts of our social life and personality. Nature has given women or men unreliable body structures and features. Some women are slim, some are fatty, some are tall, some in mixtures, etc. Thus dressing must be specified as per to the structure and body types. Clothing which seems stunning on pear shaped body type cannot suit at all to female with rectangular figure. It is essential to form a personal fashion statement that improves your individuality and figure. You must never wear something just the heck for it, not blindly follow fashion trends! Your dresses speak much more about yourself so fill your collection as per to your suitability and personal taste. Being stylish is to wear that is mixture of latest accessories, trends and clothing which matches your personality and body structure. Fashion trends are there to assist you add somewhat variation to your clothing, so don’t follow each and every fashion trend as such without personal contemplation.

Some important tips for tall women fashion

  • The bottoms side must be of soft, base colored, simple tones, it might be matching with bright colored tops or T-shirts.
  • You can wear long silver earrings with matching clothing.
  • Short size jacket with different buttons make an illusion of short upper body.
  • If you are bulky and tall with fat on upper body part then, always use belts just over the natural area of waist.
  • Uninterrupted clothing from toe to head must be avoided because it provides long look. High boots knee-length with dresses and skirts will look good. You can also add silver necklace for flawless look.
  • To offer a shorter look wears long tops over and above up to the legs because it provides a false impression of short legs.
  • The trousers or pants selected must have a cuffed look around the bottom; it will make the trouser’s length appear shorter than real.
  • Choose prints that run across the outfit’s width because it will give a shot appearance like horizontal lines. Even match and mix the bottoms and tops with combination of dark and light colors.
  • Use broad size belts, as they give isolating line between the bottom and upper body part so that height will look small.
  • For matching footwear you can choose flats rather than high heeled sandals or shoes.
  • Huge or big floral prints would even look pleasing on such body types; overall printed clothing will even suit tall women.
  • The skirt’s length must be balanced. It must not be very long or very short as both would add some inches to your height, the skirt’s length must be finish past knee.
  • To offer short look to legs strappy, comfortable shoes is even good choice.
  • Tall height women can cosset in wide belts, you must keep away from tight skirts and clothes that are too long or too short.

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